We specialize in helping property owners obtain building permits for stick built and manufactured homes, shops, ag storage buildings, barns, etc.


The most important way we, as land use consultants, can help realtors and their clients is by providing expert analysis of every aspect of your property. With our feasibility study in hand, you will become more knowledgeable, and in turn will be better equipped to help your buyer make decisions, get your property sold and protect you from liability. Some of the questions we get the most from realtors or property owners are: Is my property dividable? Can I put an accessory dwelling on the property? Can I run a home-based business on the property? We can answer all of these in a couple of hours of our time.

Our feasibility studies include a deed history search to ensure you have a legal lot of record, analysis of all the current regulations that affect your property, and a written narrative of our findings. We look into things such as critical areas, water supply, sewage disposal, access and potential development. We also talk to the appropriate planning departments, i.e. Whatcom County, City of Bellingham, etc., to find out everything we can about your property. The difference between us and the general public talking to planners is that we know what questions to ask and more importantly, how to ask the questions to get the answers we’re looking for. Our feasibility studies are a great tool you can use to get your property sold faster, and to give your buyer more confidence in their decision making process. It could mean the difference between getting the sale or a missed opportunity.


We are able to handle all aspects of the Whatcom County short plat process, including lot design, all necessary application forms, all contact with the Technical Committee, and arrangement for subcontractors (wetland, septic, road construction, well drillers, etc.).  We will provide the advice and direction necessary to complete the short plat process in the most efficient and economical manner possible.


We can also help you get through the complicated and confusing Boundary Line Adjustment process, including the preparation of deeds, maps and  binding covenants. Boundary line adjustments are the most common type of division, yet they can be the most difficult to understand and accomplish.


We specialize in divisions by Last Will & Testament.  Exemptions used to be quite simple, but with the advent of “Overlay” zones, there are several new requirements and options that must be considered. We can help you divide your land today and advise you which options will most likely preserve and maximize your real estate investment down the road.


Our services will always begin with the basic establishment of “Lots of Record.”  Utilizing a deed history from a title company, we can first determine whether or not your parcel is considered a legal lot of record. This step is extremely important, as the PDS staff is no longer doing this analysis for you. As your advocate, we will be doing all we can to assert and protect your existing real estate rights.


If your deed history establishes that you have more than one lot, the LotConsolidation requirements could still prevent you from selling or using them separately. If so, we can help you through the very subjective LCR process.


As experts familiar with all past subdivision rules, it is also our job to stay current with the constantly changing new regulations, so that you will not have to.

*We cannot guarantee any approvals as County staff, regulations and operating policies are constantly changing.


  1. How expensive is a feasibility study?

  2. I’m interested in getting a feasibility study done on land I’m considering purchasing. It recently went up in a real estate site. Lots 11-15 Bass St. Bellingham. I spoke with city development and they say it’s county land. I spoke with county and they say it’s city land. Not sure where to go from here. Can you help? What does it cost?

  3. We are looking for help, we have 5 acres in the county. We have a wetland study and a area we would like to build a house. The area we would like the house has a wet area between it and the road. Could there be a way to mitigate that so we can build where we want. Is this something you can help us with or someone you can refer us to

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